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Awards Program

Representatives from local jurisdictions In the area around Portland, Oregon have developed a regional awards program to recognize businesses and individuals for outstanding erosion prevention and sediment control achievements in Clackamas, Multnomah, Washington, Marion, and Clark counties.


Nomination Requirements

Each nominated site must meet

the following:

·         Nominations will be accepted from the participating agencies for construction work projects performed inside their service areas.

·        Project phase must be completed in the 12 months prior to April 30th.

·        Nominated project or site cannot have any enforcement actions beyond required routine inspections.

·         Nominated site is voluntarily maintained on a regular basis.

·         Must achieve a level of erosion prevention and sediment control that meets or exceeds the local agency’s minimum requirements and protects the environment.


Erosion prevention and sediment control on construction sites has become a major component in our local governments’  water quality improvement plans.  Consequently, an enormous amount of public and private resources are being devoted to this issue. 

The goals of the program are to encourage erosion prevention practices during construction, provide uniformity and consistency across jurisdictional boundaries and to develop strong partnerships within the building community. 


Award Selection

A regionally coordinated set of specific criteria and evaluation methods will be used to standardize the review for each category. Each participating  jurisdiction will individually select its best local builders, developers and contractors for exceptional practices or programs according to the standardized criteria.


Awards Categories

The second Annual Erosion Prevention Awards Program is accepting nominations in two categories: (1) single family and (2) development sites.  Development sites  include multi-family, subdivision, commercial, industrial, and linear type projects.



Awards will be presented during a Regional Erosion Prevention Awards Breakfast Ceremony on June 6, 2003.

Regional Recognition  will include:

·         An award suitably inscribed   with the recipients name.

·        Media Recognition 

·        The opportunity to network with the Industry's leading vendors.

·          Exceptional door prizes 


A Big Thank You to Our Sponsors:

Erosion Control Northwest

A Division of Crown Landscape, Inc. LCB 6181






Last updated on 4/2/2003